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Many Americans have become deeply demoralized by the recent 15 years’ crop of Federal Officials, from the President on down. We had two terms of George W. Bush, who really was too dumb and damaged from alleged substance abuse to run anything, so Dick Cheney, known informally as Darth Vader, ran the show. That administration was followed by the worst President the United States has ever known, President Barack Obama, who is nothing but a tool of Anglo-Dutch-Saudi interests, and who has brought our nation’s economy, culture, and morale to a new low.

I am a member of a group of relatively younger adults, who have run for federal office as a team, and who make up what is known as the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee. In the 2014 elections, our team is spearheaded by the dual campaigns of Kesha Rogers, who is in a Democratic Primary Run Off election for U.S. Senate now in Texas, and Michael Steger who is running for Nancy Pelosi’s seat in California.

These are the two largest states of the lower 48, and are suffering the worst drought in centuries. They also account for a large proportion of American food needs, and this food supply is now jeopardized by the insane “green” policies of both of the past two administrations, from ethanol to fracking.

I recently finished a campaign for New Jersey Governor, against the notorious liar Chris Christie, and I am pleased to accept partial credit, at least, for what I hope will be the early end of his political career.

What is needed now is a second American Revolution, not an American Spring, as some foolish people are calling for – look at the disasters of Libya, Egypt, and Ukraine (Kiev) where governments have been violently overthrown-- but a revolution of the mind. How many Americans alive today have read any of the writings of Alexander Hamilton or Benjamin Franklin? How many Americans know what Abraham Lincoln did with his Greenback policy?

Anyone who has not studied these things, has no clue how to return our republic to the path of prosperity. Any Congressman or Senator, let alone President who is not familiar with this material should be summarily thrown out of office!

Americans have fallen for a very low standard in leadership indeed!

My campaign for Congress is dedicated to changing that. You can read more on the site about the first tasks, which should occur before the election – like the impeachment of Obama, and the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall.

I am asking you to join me in taking a stand against popular opinion, and popular culture. Your nation needs you to reject the cultural and moral insanity which has possessed us ever since President Kennedy was assassinated. Stop listening to pop music and watching television. Read a book. Learn to sing! By doing this, you will qualify yourself to save the nation, and the future of mankind.



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