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Diane Sare, who currently resides in Bergen County, has been a political organizer with Lyndon LaRouche ever since she ran into a campaign table at Boston's Logan Airport in the late 1980's. At that time, she was studying music education and trombone performance at New England Conservatory, following a year at Hamilton College where she had been considering a major in mathematics. While officially trained as a musician, Diane has a great love of science, and is a strong proponent of nuclear power, especially the development of fusion, and even more advanced forms of energy now on the horizon.

Diane's work with the LaRouche Movement has included activities as diverse as directing and teaching children's choruses in Washington, DC; arranging economic policy seminars involving UN diplomats in New York ; organizing a 1996 Voting Rights Act case against the Democratic Party on behalf of voters in Louisiana; and more.

Raised in a Quaker family in a small town in Maine, Diane got interested in political activity through reading the journals of William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, and particularly New Jersey anti-slavery activist John Woolman. Diane’s mother was a biochemist and musician, and her father is a physician. Diane has one sister who is also a doctor.

Diane has been married to Christopher Sare for 25 years, most of which have been spent in New Jersey, with a few years in the 90's in Washington, DC. She still plays the trombone, and directs an amateur chorus at their office in Bogota, which made its political debut at a Governor Chris Christie Town hall Meeting in Fair Lawn. (He apparently doesn't care much for Beethoven, or the lyrics, which accused both him and Obama of being "insane", and had the group escorted out by the police.)

Diane has transformed New Jersey's political terrain with her 2013 independent campaign for New Jersey governor (with running mate Bruce Todd, now a candidate for U.S. Congress), and her 2012 congressional campaign, activating thousands of citizens in the fight to impeach Obama and restore the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.

Currently, Diane is a leading member of the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee which has taken the responsibility of guiding the nation out of the current crisis.

January 13, 2011: Diane Challenges Christie on Glass-Steagall

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